Student Achievement

Achievement Differences Between ePIRLS and PIRLS Informational for Girls and for Boys

Exhibit 1.5 shows graphs of average achievement on ePIRLS and PIRLS informational reading by gender, with the top part of the exhibit presenting the results for girls and the bottom part the results for boys. The countries are presented in alphabetical order in both parts. In nearly all of the countries, the results for the girls and for the boys mirror the national results. Both girls and boys had higher achievement on ePIRLS than PIRLS informational reading in Denmark, Israel, Norway, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and the United States, and higher achievement on PIRLS informational reading in Chinese Taipei, Georgia, Italy, Portugal, and Slovenia. The results by gender were different in Ireland, where the national difference was not significant but girls had an advantage in ePIRLS, and in Sweden where the national results showed a difference favoring ePIRLS that was only significant for boys.

Differences Between ePIRLS and PIRLS Informational by Gender