About PIRLS 2016

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Percentages of Students Who Liked Reading the PIRLS Passages

Exhibit 3 shows the percentages of students who liked reading the PIRLS passages. Including PIRLS and PIRLS Literacy, the 2016 assessment included 20 different passages, 8 only in PIRLS, 4 in both PIRLS and PIRLS Literacy, and 8 only in PIRLS Literacy. The students participating in PIRLS were positive about the PIRLS only passages (on average, 85% liked the passages a little or a lot). For 5 of the passages (4 of which were literary passages), girls were more positive than boys. Both the PIRLS and PIRLS Literacy students reported liking the 4 passages in both assessments (91% on average). The PIRLS Literacy students were the most positive, on average with 95 percent liking the PIRLS Literacy passages.

Students Liked the PIRLS Passages