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Students Confident in Reading

Exhibit 10.3 presents the results for the PIRLS 2016 Students Confident in Reading scale. Internationally, on average, 45 percent of the fourth grade students reported being Very Confident in their reading, 35 percent reported being Somewhat Confident, and 21 percent reported they were Not Confident. There was a large difference in average reading achievement—90 points—between the students that expressed a high degree of confidence and those who were not confident. The results on the Students Confident in Reading scale show some of the largest achievement differences in PIRLS 2016 between groups of students. The Very Confident students had higher average achievement than the Somewhat Confident students (545 vs. 503 for a difference of 42 points) and, similarly, the Somewhat Confident students had higher average achievement than the Not Confident students (503 vs. 455 for a difference of 48 points).


Students Confident in Reading Table

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Students Confident in Reading Scale